Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Forward Momentum

Welcome back to a new school year and to a new year of this wonderful network that we know as the RIWP. This past year posed some challenges to our site, but after a productive Leadership Institute at Alumni House in late June, a successful Summer Invitational and Young Writers' Camp, and a hopeful first Board meeting on September 12, I was reminded of what a powerful network this is. Our first Board meeting of the year served as the catalyst to putting some of the ideas from the Leadership Institute into action, and I left that meeting feeling quite hopeful for what is to come.

Though our site--and the National Writing Project--is facing difficult financial times, I was reminded--first at the Leadership Institute, then in all of the good work taking place all over the RIC campus this summer, in working with Sarah and Luis in the office, and in meeting with the Co-Directors for one of our many think-tank sessions--that this is a network based in action, in our mission, in collaboration, in generating ideas, in returning to our core, in grassroots activism, in the power of children's writing, and in each other. I am so thankful to be a part of this strong organization of teachers, and I am looking forward to the adventure that we have ahead, hoping, of course, that you're along for the ride with me.

As we begin the fall at the RIWP, we are looking forward to several opportunities to expand our offerings, both in on-site after school writing programs and in looking at student work and assessing student work. We are also looking forward to a renewed partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Education, as we prepare to work with teachers on reading, interpreting, and putting the Common Core Standards into practice in the classroom.

The best to you as you sail into autumn. Come visit us at the RIWP!